The RTCT Elite Club

The RTCT Elite Club is New! We launched the club to help traders like you. So we would ask you to tell us about yourself, what you like and what you want, to help us design a service that works for you. Our goal is to create a great service and by telling us what you like and what you want we hope we can keep improving it by concentrating on the things that matter to you.


P.S. Once you have registered you will be sent an e-mail to verify your account, don’t forget to open otherwise your account won’t work properly!


Coupon Codes: all of our coupon codes represent cash discounts – so a coupon code for a 30 day free trial gives a 14.95 discount and offsets your first months payment. Don’t worry if it says free trial two days the coupon code gives you 30 days free!


Thanks for joining RTCT Elite Club –  Simon Campbell