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Our Team

Round the Clock Trader is your gateway to a world of successful financial traders offering education, videos, coaching and development that will set you on a path to profitable trading. Established in 2014 by Simon Campbell, an industry expert with more than 20 years’ experience in training traders, the unique model of Round the Clock Trader offers you access to the greatest trading content enabling you to stay on top of daily markets, while continually developing your skills and education.


If you’re just getting started, our education is accessible free at source by joining our Elite Club Free Membership and attending our live online and physical events where invited guests share their winning strategies, tips and guidance for earning consistent returns.

Mr. Simon Campbell

Founder & CEO

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Dr. Lumsden-Groom

Chief Economist

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Mr. Luke Connolly

Head of Education

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Mr. Ken Stanion

Head of Trading

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