Rolf Schlotmann


We trade online & travel the world


We have a combined trading experience for over 20 years.


We quit our corporate jobs years ago and started traveling the world as traders.


For us, it’s all about self-determined living and being our own boss.


Our mission is to help as many traders as possible to live their dream as well. We have seen it first hand that it is possible. You can do it too!



Rolf Schlotmann

I am a pure price action trader and I also use trend analysis in my trading. I love to keep it simple and keep my charts very clean.


I was never comfortable with regular trend-following trading and so I created my very own system that helps you find new trends very early on so that you can ride new trends right from the start for a long time.


I feel home at the higher timeframes where strategic thinking and planning is required and it gives trading a completely new dimension.


When I am not trading, you will find me doing sports – mainly running and Crossfit – or reading a good book. I am very much into personal development and like to try out new things to tweak my life.


The Tradeciety community is like my second family and I enjoy watching our traders grow and move towards their goals. It drives me every day.