Jay Lakhani

Bindal FX

Jay Lakhani is a professional trader and has been involved with markets since his early twenties. He has extensive experience and trades derivatives, Forex, Index & Stock futures, and Commodities.



Jay was introduced to the glory of Stock market by the Lady Thatcher’s Privatisation programme in the eighties, and has never looked back. He has survived a number of Market Crashes, including the crash of 1987 – an experience that has made him a better trader today. Over the years, he has developed unique systems and strategies, which has made him a successful trader.


One would say that Jay is blessed with a mind that finds creative solutions to problems, a kind of a person that sees multiple solutions, have a very inquiring mind – in that once he is shown a strategy, he will always look at ways how It can improved. Jay uses Technical Analysis in his trading, and believes that successful trading is based on your Strategies and Techniques, Psychology and having a disciplined Money Management.