Charlie Burton


Having decided to become full time traders, it soon dawned on us that it could be very boring just sitting at home waiting for the next trade. Initially we were approached by a small training company to write some content for their clients. This soon became a monthly newsletter which we sold for many years under our own name and in various white label formats.


During our early years we were approached to do deliver some advanced courses. It soon dawned on us that whilst these courses gave people the initial education, it was difficult for them to retain the content and apply it to the markets. Thus we started our live trading rooms, the rest is history.

Kym Watson

Kym started buying stocks in the eighties when the government started privatising the likes of British Gas. He was then offered options to buy shares in the company that he was working for. This was the beginning of his interest in trading although it was several years later when he caught the bug. Kym initially worked for a number of large companies rising to senior positions in all. This gave him the understanding of building shareholder value and key fundamentals.


Whilst Kym started trading stocks, the US company had highlighted the benefits of trading options alongside these, so this initially became his focus. At that time the cost of trading was high which meant his focus was more on swing trading. After starting trading full time around 2001, Kym then looked at intraday trading. Whilst he initially day traded the US indices he was drawn to currencies where costs were low. After a while he opened a specific forex day trading room where he was able to share the methods used and call some of his trades.

Charlie Burton

Charlie has been trading 20 years of which 16 have been full time. He previously worked in financial services advising Independent Financial Advisers on investments for Old Mutual Fund Managers. Charlie’s route into trading was purely by chance. A financial adviser he used to deal with had obtained two tickets to a trading seminar and he asked if Charlie wanted to attend. Charlie then asked a couple of other friends including Kym if they too wanted to go and so 4 or 5 friends attended a trading course hosted by an American company. It was Charlie and Kym who persevered with trading after the others stopped and the rest is history…


Charlie has always enjoyed live trading in front of audiences and has put videos out every Friday of his live trading that day. He has been doing that for many years and does it to show people a real trader putting his money on the line, win or lose. It was a result of the very first live trade-off at the show that the BBC heard about. They were in the process of filming a documentary about trading and asked if they could film the event. In 2013, Charlie undertook a trading challenge to see if he could take a typical $10,000 trading account and turn it into $100,000 within 2 years. He achieved the goal but it took around 2 and a 1/2 years in the end but still a tremendous result to show people what can be achieved on a small account.