Bryan Noble

Bryan Noble has been a Futures Trader for 30 years, initially with Banque Nationale de Paris (now BNP Paribas) for 10 years and then Ulster Bank Markets before setting up a floor trading business in FINEX, a trading floor division of the New York Cotton Exchange, in the fledgeling IFSC Dublin in 1995.


When FINEX closed a few years ago, he continued to trade his own capital account and still does today. Having seen so many ‘would be’ traders try their luck in this business over the years and end up losing a lot of money and walking away from it, he is really interested in passing on as much information as possible to those who see trading as a potential full or part-time career.


In his posts, webinars and training he concentrates on the futures markets, in particular, the Euro versus the Dollar, the main Stock Market Indices such as the S&P500, the DOW, the FTSE and the DAX. He has also been known on occasions to trade Commodities and Bond Markets.