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Markets.com is one of the worlds leading Forex and CFD trading brands. Offering powerful yet user friendly trading platforms for web and mobile, you can trade over 2,000 of the most popular assets – stocks, currencies, commodities and indices, benefitting from first-rate customer support in over 20 languages. Trading at Markets.com allows customers to benefit from tight spreads and zero commissions. Tools available for traders include stop-loss, take profit, entry limit and entry stop orders. Traders can benefit from customizable charts, line studies, and in-depth analysis to design their own unique trading strategies. In October 2014, Markets.com embarked on an official partnership with the legendary football club Arsenal FC, and was named as Arsenal’s official Forex and CFD Trading Partner.


Trade The Easy Way

Trading should be available to everyone, it’s my duty and your duty to look after our money and support our families. So I set up trade the easy way because I think if you are going to trade, you must know: How do the markets function and how you can work WITH the markets to find trends that will pay you? If you prefer to pay for a system and wait for signals, then we are not for you; we are training you to take control and be a professional discretionary trader and not just find good entries, but to be able to manage your account, reduce risk and have exposure in the market which is measured and monitored.

Forex Trading London

Forex Trading London was founded by Martin Walker, to help new, aspiring, struggling and developing traders understand the realities of learning to trade Foreign Exchange (Forex) and other financial markets. He helps them progress and develop, through seminars, courses, coaching and one to one mentoring, into consistently profitable, independently minded traders. Martin was a Commander and Chartered Engineer in the Royal Navy, who started trading in 2006. Within his trading tool box, Martin uses Price Action (Inc. Candlesticks), Fibs, Support & Resistance, 2 types of Divergence, Common Patterns, Overextension & Pivots, Harmonic Patterns and Elliott Waves. Primarily a Swing Trader because of Life Style choices, Martin’s techniques can be used on all time frames both with the trend and counter-trend. He is also keen on sailing and racing yachts.


George got interested in the markets during the inflationary 1970’s, participating in the 1979-80 Gold bull market. George went on to learn what made markets move from an established chartist and traded, part time, many markets from commodities to equity options. As an educator, George used his MBA and Finance Diploma as a consultant and lecturer in Strategic Management.


He now educates and coaches other traders in using his trading techniques through his company Clickevents Ltd, and Traders Class, established in 2002. Over the years he has developed a unique trading style combining Intermarket analysis, Classical Charting with wave theory, Fibonacci and volume activity with price action. He now specialises in trading the major currency, stock index and commodity markets.

The FX Method

We are automated Traders with more than 8 years of experience. In these 8 years, we have checked out over 1000 Automated Trading Systems, mainly for Forex, but not only. Due to this experience, we are sharing now our expertise with English speaking clients, in live free events in London and online. If you think you are ready, we recommend you do our advanced 60 hours crash-course followed by our 6-months guidance tutorial.


The FX METHOD is a unique way to trade, watch some of our videos, we are certain you won´t find much anything similar online or off-line.

Be A Winning Trader

All of our team have many years trading experience and are thoroughly committed to giving all of our students a real opportunity to becoming successful in this very rewarding, yet so difficult profession. Our leading educator “Ian Foster” has been training traders since 1998. We have literally hundreds of testimonials over the years complimenting our teachings and methodologies. It is very fair to say that there is not a more committed team in this industry that strives for our students success. Our methodologies are simple yet very powerful.

Investing Better

www.InvestingBetter.co.uk is an on-stop shop for your investing and trading needs specialising in financial education, newsletters, trading tools, trading signal services and copy trading. Products include trading seminars, webinars, subscription-based newsletters and signal services for Forex and Crypto. The sister website www.algo-builder.com allows you to create automatic trading robots without any programming.


Trade Guider & Gavin Holmes’ mission is to educate traders and investors to become experts at the art of chart reading and to understand the importance of volume, the hidden secret of the markets. Gavin travels the world teaching traders and investors how to read charts correctly by understanding the interrelationship between the volume, price, and range/spread of a price bar to determine the activity of ‘Smart Money’, and then trade in harmony with the professionals.


He is a regular speaker for Chicago Mercantile Exchange events both online and live on stage, and is one of the few traders who trades their live account showing VSA set ups, trading them as they appear. He has provided educational courses for the CME Group in Chicago and has been featured at the New York and Las Vegas traders expo’s Traders Challenge where Gavin traded his live account, showing the principles of VSA appearing live and taking trades. Gavin’s passion is based on the original teachings of Richard Wyckoff, Richard Ney, and Tom Williams who all had the same goal, to educate the uninformed public.


VectorVest is an award-winning stock portfolio management system for the independent investor. Only VectorVest combines the raw power of fundamental valuation with keen insights of technical analysis. It’s the only system that times the market for you to help you buy low and sell high. It’s also the only system to analyze, sort, rank and graph over 7,600 stocks daily for Value, Safety and Timing. And, gives a clear Buy, Sell or Hold recommendation to each stock, every day.


Even if you are a novice investor, our tools can have you investing like a seasoned professional in 10 minutes or less. VectorVest delivers objective, independent guidance for investors. No hidden agendas and no conflicts of interest.


Thier only benchmark is your ongoing investment success. Thier Ultimate Retirement Solution Group Coaching Program is designed to help you get the most out of all the Systems, Support & Software you need to grow your account by 15-25% per year and generate 3% or more per month in income. In addition, we offer monthly educational events and webinars to ensure that our customers get the most out of the system so they can become a more profitable and confidant investor.

Sublime Trading

Sublime Trading is a community for private traders focusing on the FX, UK and US stocks and commodities markets. We also keep a keen eye out for opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets too. Our principles are based on using technical analysis and cutting-edge trading tools to identify high-probability environments. Our trading techniques are all explained in our video course series that members have full access to throughout their membership.

sublime trading

The Lazy Trader

TheLazyTrader.com is a forex trade idea and trader training provider for time-strapped private investors who want to learn how to profit from financial markets from as little as ten minutes a day. Our mission is to provide our clients with a simple yet highly effective learning experience which will enable them to become consistently profitable from trading financial markets easily and effortlessly, without having to spend hours a day glued to the screen.

Redblox Global

Redbox is a platform which utilizes proprietary algorithms, a network of traders, brokers, journalists, and analysts helping us deliver the best information you need when it breaks. We deliver the earliest possible alerts of the real-time emerging market-moving news. Our software then uses its alert urgency ranking feature to deliver tailored insights to make decisions quickly. This helps you make better decisions within the financial markets and how best to place positions on the buy and sell side, with a better insight comes better opportunities for profitable decisions.

Bindal FX

Jay Lakhani is a professional trader and has been involved with markets since his early twenties. He has extensive experience and trades derivatives, Forex, Index & Stock futures, and Commodities. Jay was introduced to the glory of Stock market by the Lady Thatcher’s Privatisation programme in the eighties, and has never looked back. He has survived a number of Market Crashes, including the crash of 1987 – an experience that has made him a better trader today. Over the years, he has developed unique systems and strategies, which has made him a successful trader.


TraderCast is a revolutionary platform for traders to share and seek profits. We are excited about opportunities in financial markets and we understand risk. So don’t trade alone share your excitement, contribute your ideas and receive actionable feedback. Timely, private trading broadcasts provides expert insight, enabling you to manage risk and increase profits aggressively whatever the market conditions. Broadcasts are educational for beginners but are essential and actionable for the active trading community. Improve your trading performance by understanding what other traders are doing.