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Join our RTCT Elite Club now for free, and start on the right path towards successful trading and education development that will equip you to succeed and profit from trading stocks and forex.


Our club membership offers you access to unrivalled daily and weekly market fundamental and technical analysis, live tuition and online courses, plus a stream of online events and presentations from over 100 expert traders – all designed to keep YOU at the forefront for decision making on forex, stocks, and commodities prices.

Full Archive

Recordings of all of our past Online summits. All Handily categorised in to easy to digest mini-courses!

The Best Educators

Monthly newsletter full of news, advice and guidance for traders from our top contributors.

Elite Access

Free access to RTCT Live! seminars, events and Premium online sessions and workshops

Live Market Analysis Three Times a Day

Delivered every Sunday at 19:00 and covering all primary markets. Designed for swing and position traders, Our weekly market overview offers you an in-depth view of medium to long-term market sentiment, market positioning and probable market biases that are likely to underpin how the major instruments behave over the coming week. Effectively a one stop shop for all the information you need to have a successful trading week.

London Open from 07:30 GMT every day. Duration 30 minutes. Our Morning European Briefing offers you a swift and detailed overview of market conditions as European trading gets underway. Covering the major Forex pairs, indices and commodities, our webinars form an integral part of any trader’s day. Join our team of traders and analysts as they go over their morning trade scanning processes as volume appears in the markets.

Focusing on the Americas Currencies and Indices Open, from 13:00 GMT Mon-Thurs. Duration 30 minutes. Following on from our morning briefing, traders and analysts go over their trade scanning processes and review market positioning ahead of US Open, specifically targeting the Americas currencies, commodities and indices. This briefing is designed to give you an overview of the current market environment alongside a revised understanding of market movements and the impact of past and future economic events on market conditions and in market risk.

Asia-Pacific Open from 17:30 GMT Mon-Thurs. Duration 45 minutes. An in-depth look at all the markets as we move towards the Asia-Pacific open. Our Head of Trading offers a unique and detailed look ahead to the following day’s major events while providing you with a firm understanding of how data is likely to influence risk in the market and your trading over the next 24 hours. Covering the economic news and events likely to create risk in market and impact trading conditions over the following day, The Economics & Asia Briefing provides you with a full grasp of market conditions and how fundamental data is likely to impact your trading.

Daily Education and Tutoring

Our live webinars offer you a combination of two 20 week programmes that run alongside our trading course. Our Live Tutoring sessions offer you a step by step process to becoming a profitable trader. Improving your confidence and skill levels through regular contact and active learning.


Tuesday and Friday 10:00 GMT. Duration 45 minutes. From charts to basic analysis through to trade sizing and risk management. Everything You need to know to get started!


Monday to Thursday 13:00 GMT. Duration 45 minutes. Professional grade advanced education to individual market behaviour and instrument specific techniques

RTCT: Risk & Sentiment Calendars  

Designed to make our clients aware of current market conditions, risk exposure and key market moving events. Our Risk & Sentiment Calendar’s (RSC’s), are a weekly pictorial representation of the most influential financial announcements potential effect, in terms of both risk and market sentiment, on seven core currencies (United States Dollar, Great British Pound, Euro, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar and New Zealand Dollar).


Based on available forecast data and combined with technical, risk and fundamental analysis the RSC’s provide a visual representation of the most likely impact of a release or set of releases on a currencies direction alongside an early warning system for market shocks and in market risk. This may assist in preparing attention to particular currency pairs to support any technical analysis probabilities that may be apparent.

Daily Technical S&R Levels


Designed to assist your intraday and swing trading and produced by our in-house team of expert analysts, our daily levels are published just before the London Open every trading day and are specifically focused on the highest volume markets. Giving you the ability to outline in advance key market parameters in line with what the banks are thinking.


Delivered every Sunday and covering all primary markets. Our weekly levels are a highly accurate guide to market sentiment, positioning and likely direction over the coming week. Work in conjunction with the Daily Levels, our analysts provide an overview of market conditions and possible future market influences alongside key long-term levels.


With our market overviews, you can take advantage of the same information provided to traders on trading floors across the globe. Covering how the economic, political and Technical data may impact trading conditions and offering a Monthly & Quarterly Decision points our market overviews give you the big picture.